In addition to the superior energy performance afforded by the factory-insulated external load-bearing panel, the party wall system is one of the most effective acoustic barriers in the construction industry.  Also, light gauge steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios. The Horizon Offsite Steel Frame Building System system can be constructed up to 10 storeys in height.

Other key structural benefits include:

  1. No Shrinkage: As the steel members do not shrink, creep, warp or rot, finishes do not get damaged during the drying out period and call-backs are reduced.
  2. Lightweight Structure: Standard light gauge steel walls are up to 60% lighter than traditionally constructed walls.
  3. Superior Accuracy: All panels are designed using customised framing CAD/CAM software. Components and panels are manufactured to +/-1mm tolerance.
  4. High Quality Product: The steel frame system is a high quality product.
  5. Long Lasting: A steel frame building will last longer than the standard 60-year design life as required by BS 7543: 2003 ‘Guide to Durability of Buildings and Building Elements’.
  6. Design Flexibility: Due to its lightweight yet strong structural properties steel is extremely adaptable to a variety of designs that other methods of construction would not suit.
  7. Floors: Galvanised Steel Joist Floor

Steel floor joists are typically 254 x 50mm and 1.5 to 2.5mm in thickness, dependent upon span. Joists are located at maximum 600 centres and can span up to 6 metres.

Steel Concrete Composite Deck Compartment Floor

The Concrete Composite Deck Compartment Floor is constructed of a composite profiled metal deck which is fixed to the head track of the supporting load bearing walls, reinforced bars and in situ concrete are added to the deck as required by design. 

Finally, sustainability across the built environment is a huge and immediate concern as we move into the next decade. In addition to the benefits outlined above, offsite manufacturing is one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of construction as all steel products are 100% recyclable. In fact, more than 30% of UK-produced steel consists of recycled material. Also, as the steel frame is prefabricated in a factory, there is virtually no waste to be disposed of upon completion on site.

Coming up: Fire Safety in Offsite Construction 

About Horizon Offsite Ltd:

Established in 2017, the team at Horizon Offsite have decades of combined experience pioneering non-traditional or modern methods of construction (MMC). The company currently employs 22 people at a 35,000 sq ft. facility in Cahir, County Tipperary and is involved in projects across the private rented sector (PRS) in Ireland and the UK.