Building solutions innovator Etex has announced the acquisition of Horizon Offsite. This acquisition will further the company’s European modular ambitions and boost its ability to deliver offsite building solutions in Ireland and the UK. You can read more about this exciting development here:

Horizon Offsite joins an established international group of players with experience in different aspects of industrialised construction. From international expansion opportunities and lower costs to new solutions and synergies, this acquisition offers Horizon Offsite the support it needs to grow in its core markets.

Ger Fahey, Managing Director of Horizon Offsite: “Horizon is delighted to become part of the Etex group. Etex and Horizon share a vision on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and the role this form of construction will have in the future. With the challenges of undersupply in the construction sector in Ireland, the UK and across Europe, we know our partnership with Etex will help to cater for this demand and also evolve Horizon to become a centre of excellence and global leader in MMC. Horizon will continue to offer a high-quality service to our existing clients, and we will also continue to grow our client base with a focus on excellence and real value. We look to the future in Horizon with excitement and optimism.”

With this acquisition, Etex’s New Ways division – which is composed of businesses and joint ventures active in the domains of offsite construction – is expanding its footprint in the European markets. Etex New Ways businesses work together across borders and continents. In doing so, they integrate different technologies to offer safe, affordable and high-performing construction solutions around the world.

Horizon Offsite’s speciality in cutting-edge LGSF – combined with the technical knowledge owned by Evolusion Innovation and the offsite building expertise of EOS (another Etex company, active in LGSF in the UK) – will bring the strategy of Etex New Ways even further to life in the UK. By working together in close proximity, these three Etex New Ways businesses unlock exciting new growth possibilities and economies of scale.

Paddy Kelly, MD of Etex Ireland: “Ireland is facing major challenges when it comes to ensuring high-quality spaces for living and working to a growing population – quickly and sustainably. Etex’s modular and lightweight track responds to these challenges with ambition and focus, and Horizon Offsite will play an important role in our ability to deliver on these ambitions.”

About Horizon Offsite

Horizon Offsite Ltd is one of Europe’s leading players in Offsite Construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), providing a fully accredited structural light gauge steel system to the residential, industrial, commercial, healthcare and educational sectors. Contact the Horizon Offsite team at

Ger Fahey, Managing Director, Horizon Offsite, and Paddy Kelly, Managing Director, Etex Ireland