As non-essential construction sites across Ireland remain closed until March 5th (based on the most recent public health guidance), the team at Horizon Offsite have been consistently busy delivering a range of essential projects across Ireland, from designated social housing that is nearing completion, to vital healthcare facilities that are required for immediate occupation.  Our pipeline of essential projects is growing, with the team preparing for the onsite installation of an Emergency Department extension, a 60-bed care home and a four-storey Cardiology Unit at three different site locations in the coming months. Taking on such rapid build projects, it has been interesting to see how traditional projects and construction sites in Ireland have had to adapt work practices in response to the pandemic. By way of contrast, most of the work practices for offsite construction have required far less adaptation. Last year we documented how offsite construction and indeed other methods of modern construction, or MMC, hold the key to getting development projects back on track. You can read more about this here: 

Looking at how the UK construction industry has adapted to the pandemic in order to ensure the safety of team members and clients, wrote about changing traditional industry work practices here:

Construction Director at UK-based Darwin Group, Spencer Stokes, acknowledged that back in March 2020, construction companies across the world were faced with a very uncertain future. Two months of shutdown threatened the survival of the majority of firms. Many did not come through 2020, which was inevitable but still unpalatable. Those firms that survived had to embrace a whole suite of new technologies to facilitate ongoing design work, social distancing on sites and and client or funder updates and reporting. It has been a challenging year, yet, amidst the chaos, lies the potential for the single largest shift towards digitising the industry – do or die, innovating for survival. Site managers have changed how their sites operate, with the ongoing need for social distancing, sanitising stations, temperature checks and, of course, frequent COVID checks and testing. Many teams working to deliver healthcare facilities, like our Horizon Offsite erecting teams, have found themselves delivering rapid build solutions in live, highly-controlled and highly-sanitised environments. Our own teams are working in shifts to ensure maximum outputs with minimum delays. 

Last year, the team here at Horizon Offsite, worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown to deliver a number of rapid build healthcare facilities in County Limerick and are currently working across Dublin and Cork on a number of essential projects with more in the pipeline, as mentioned above. These healthcare facilities are currently being used to help combat the ongoing pandemic. As quoted in the above article, communication and adaptability is what will be needed from here on out, whether teams are working on or offsite. As Stokes points out, “increased safety measures don’t need to impact the quality or speed of a project”. And we agree.

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