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Structural Systems

Horizon Offsite fully insulated light gauge structural system

The External light gauge steel Wall panels used in this system are insulated in the factory using closed sell insulation; the thickness of the insulation can be changed to increase or decrease the U Values as necessary.

The Horizon Offsite External light gauge steel wall panel can also achieve various air thigh values

Cavity closer and specific grounds can be fitted to the Horizon Offsite External light gauge steel wall panel depending on the external finish to the building.

This process creates a fully factory insulated external wall panel with all the benefits of being constructed within a controlled environment.

In-fill / Out-fill Systems

Horizon Offsite insulated or none insulated light gauge steel in-fill/Out-fill systems

The Horizon Offsite infill panel system can be used to fit between columns and beam in both hot rolled steel buildings and concrete buildings, it can be designed to sit inside the structure or designed as an out fill panel. The Horizon Offsite infill panel system can be designed to come to site insulated or none insulated.

Flooring Systems

Horizon Floor cassette panels incorporating Lattice joists or C Sections

The Horizon Offsite floor is constructed by using single lattice floor joists or C Section joists, factory manufactured floor panel cassettes or composite concrete floor deck.

During the project assessment stage Horizon Offsite will recommend to the client what type of flooring system can be used taking all into consideration.

If the composite concrete floor deck is used then the thickness will be 160mm complying with fire and sound requirements.