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Design Team

The Horizon Offsite design department will access all sales enquiries as they are submitted;
this process is done in conjunction with the Horizon Offsite marketing team.

If the project is deemed appropriate then the Horizon Offsite design team will work closely
with the clients design team to structurally design and produce frame drawings for the steel
frame building including specification of all members prior to manufacture.

Horizon Offsite use Vertex as the framing software to convert the clients architectural drawings into a 3D structural computer aided design model (CAD/CAM)

The Vertex system automatically calculates all framing requirements for walls and floors and allows for all openings such as windows and doors in conjunction with the Horizon Structural Engineer.

The Vertex system will create a 3D model of the proposed frame that can be imported into the clients design to check for clashes in the overall design.

Each individual frame component is allocated a unique number and has all dimensions calculated for cut outs, punch outs and brackets.

Horizon Offsite have a rigorous checking procedure prior to any codes being sent to our
production facility making sure all members are in compliance.


The Horizon Offsite manufacturing is carried out in their state of the art facility based in Cahir, Co Tipperary.

The roll formers use computer aided manufacturing techniques to access the data that has been transferred from the Horizon Offsite design office. (CAM)

The steel coils are then formed into the required components positioning cut outs punch holes etc. from the data transferred. The process is accurate to +/- 2mm.

Assembly of the components commences in the facility directly after it has been roll formed.

Site Erection

The Horizon Offsite site erecting teams are fully certified and approved to carry out our works in accordance with Horizon Offsite certification and all other relevant codes of building practice.

All Horizon Offsite erecting teams will have all the relevant health and safety certification and all will be submitted prior to the project starting.

Each site erecting team will have a supervisor who in turn will be supervised by a Horizon
Offsite site manager.

The Horizon Offsite site erecting team will set out and check the levels and dimension of the
slabs prior to commencing project.